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Waqas Ahmed

I started programming in 1996 when I wrote my first application to plot non-linear functions to a graphic display. Since then I have written hundreds of applications in almost all programming languages and on many platforms. This has given me a great understanding of limitations and advantages of various programming languages, manufacturers and hardware. At XS-PRO we believe that choosing the right programming language for the objective is far more important than to complete all objectives in one language or platform. We therefore do not recommend a set of technologies, irrespective of the manufacturer or software development environment. Instead we use our knowledge and skills to guide you to choose a platform and solution most suitable for your implementation.

In our software we cater for security, scalability and the highest quality control in all implementations. Therefore we consider matters like SQL injection, denial of service attacks and much more as a foundation for all our work. It is our aim to deliver a quality system to enhance your operations.

Forefront of Technology

XS-PRO limited believes in using technology wisely. We design systems using technology most suitable for objectives. We can program hardware, software and combinations of these using any platform operating system. Our skills comprise of the simplest to the most difficult of technologies. We apply great emphasis on scalability and data security, regardless of what programming language or platform is used.

Outstanding at these Platforms & Technologies

  • Windows Mobile

  • Windows Server

  • Apple IOS

  • Android

  • Websites (HTML, Javascript, JQuery & CSS)


  • ASP .NET & PHP

  • Hardware Interfaces (Serial, USB and Wireless)

  • GSM Network Integration (TAPI)

  • GPS Integration

  • Security Systems

  • Point of Sale Systems

  • Data Encryption & Network Communications

  • Online Chat Systems

  • SMS Integration

  • Payment Integration Services

  • CRM Systems

  • Accounting & Billing Systems

  • Data Reports & Charts

  • Email & Social Media Automation

  • On-line Payment Systems

  • Shopping Cart

  • Forum & Blogging Software

Financial Growth

Financial Growth

Business is about growing communities and financial gain. Our software solutions make a difference in increased revenue and greater service or cost savings by improving internal infrastructure and freeing up valuable business time to achieve new goals.

Business Growth

Business Growth

We specialise in providing targeted solutions to help with business growth. We write software which is scalable and takes into account growing customer base, growing security risks and long life systems support.

Analytical Information

Analytical Information

Where possible we encourage our customer to integrate analytical modules into the business solution. Such as application usage, application failures etc. We also help with analysing such information to further improve and scale software.

Project Compilation

Our objective is to provide you with quality software at reasonable prices. Our experienced team are at the forefront of technology and business systems. We are geared to complete your project in the shortest time possible.

We believe projects should be completed in small stages and therefore encourage to segment the projects. This methodology helps you to evaluate if XS-PRO is the right software development team for your project. Our project history has proven again and again that having a great understanding between yourself and our software development team is the key to a successful project outcome.

What do we charge?

We are very honest and transparent in our quotes. Each objective of the project is evaluated to provide a fair price. We provide free, no obligation quotes. These quotes are not binding and software development does not commence until a written agreement is received. We like to keep an open dialogue regarding any objective until it is clear for our clients what the delivered project would include. Projects are divided into hours and weeks in each quote.

DeveloperHourly (GBP)Week (GBP)
Administrative Tasks6n/a
Software Engineer20350
Software Development Engineer (SDE)25550
Senior SDE35750
Principal SDE50900
Software Architect501000

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