Animation Effects – Exits

Subtle Animations

Choose effects from the list below when compiling notes.

Below are animations we can apply on any website. It is best to not have too many animations. Too many animations on the page will cause distraction. Keep animations relevant and subtle.

All Entrances Exits Special
  • Any HTML page
  • Combine with other effects
  • Rotate & sequence effects

Zoom Exists

Zoom Out
Zoom Out Up
Zoom Out Down
Zoom Out Left
Zoom Out Right

Sliding Exits

Slide Out Up
Slide Out Down
Slide Out Left
Slide Out Right

Rotating Exits

Rotate Out Up Left
Rotate Out Up Right
Rotate Out
Rotate Out Down Left
Rotate Out Down Right

Bouncing Exits

Bounce Out Down Right
Bounce Out Up
Bounce Out
Bounce Out Down
Bounce Out Left

Fading Exits

Fade Out
Fade Out Down
Fade Out Down Big
Fade Out Left
Fade Out Left Big
Fade Out Right
Fade Out Right Big
Fade Out Up
Fade Out Up Big