XS-PRO Limited is based in the United Kingdom and is a registered Limited company. We are a service oriented, Internet-focused company, offering both custom and automated solutions ranging from design to development.

Since 2004, XS-PRO Limited has provided innovative, Internet-based business solutions for business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-employee as well as Schools and the Manufacturing markets.

We are committed to client service and our interest is in building long-term relationships.

We are committed to client service and our interest is in building long-term relationships. We have a history of commitment to quality, creativity and good business sense. Our work is not done until the client is satisfied. We understand business and management systems and offer top talent at affordable rates.

We take the latest technology and make the most of it to give our clients one-of-a-kind solutions and create applications everyone can use with comfort and ease. We deliver new ways for companies to reach their business objectives and goals through a combination of merging our creative strength with our technical expertise. At the same time, we're expanding our horizons and bringing new products and services to the web with the launch of subsidiary companies.

We think customers are happiest when we do our best to help them achieve their business goals.

Tell us about your next project, and give us the chance to serve you.

XS-PRO is proactive. Always exceeding expectations.

Richard Walker

Richard is the first person to join XS-PRO limited. Richard came on board in 2006 and quickly grasped the ropes handling the technical support work load. He now holds an important position in the company, contributing to the company’s technical and software development efforts. He is a very fast programmer with an amazing understanding of programming languages and business systems.

He likes to flex his arithmetic skills on in the company’s game of choice as part of the daily play session (Countdown). Richard is currently undisputed champion of Countdown on the XS-PRO team.

An honest and very hard working individual. Keeps the team working well together and is never shy to learn or teach.

Makes every tiny detail matter, keeps the business on target. A super-fast and highly skilled programmer.

Waqas Ahmed

Waqas held a senior position in the software team in Scotland at Compaq. Waqas had worked his way up the ranks and had been part of the same team that had served the likes of BMW and major banks in the EMEA group. In this time Waqas had fostered a very thorough software engineering discipline and fine-tuned his leadership and management skills.

His tenacity didn't stop at grade 12, the highest level in engineering at Compaq, but the organisational model was not about to let him climb any further. HPs announcement to take over Compaq in 2002 gave Waqas a cause for reflection. How was he going to fulfil his dream of leading a business in today's ever changing market? This stayed on Waqas’ mind for quite some time.

During this transition period Waqas had a number of software and business ideas in his mind and he set about developing some basic products and services for small businesses. Which grew into the XS-PRO you see today. He is now heading this company to excel to new heights and to create an amazing standard of service for the clients.

Loves to fly to new airfields throughout the country, from Scotland, Wales and England. He is a PPL pilot.

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